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A Nonsense Poem

Written by Gaurika Sharma, The Shriram Millennium School Noida

3rd December, 2020


A nonsense poem is a poem that freely flows from one idea to another. Rather than emphasising on the rhyme or meter, these poems require skills like creatively linking ideas, learning how to incorporate details and writing in an engaging manner. These poems are also really amusing to read out loud!

There were six people,
In a desert.
In a cafe,
They had ordered dessert!

They looked at the menu,
At the dessert place.
They had so many options but they chose

They started fighting among themselves
“I want that one”
“I want THAT one”

They made so much noise
And caused a lot of ruckus.
And then the manager came
And said “You HAVE to GO”

He threw them all
out of the dessert shop door
Back into the desert that they had come from
Without any dessert at all!

Maybe that’s what they DESERVED.

© Aawaaz

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