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A Train Ride

Written by Divansh Paliwal, The Mother's International School

22nd October, 2020


It was summer vacations and my family and I had planned a trip. I was really excited and had started dreaming about the vacation. As I packed my suitcase, I added a photo album and a few notes which were on what I wanted to do on the vacation. As soon as I finished packing my suitcase my mother booked a cab and we went to the railway station. The car travelled so fast that I was pinned down to my seat. My stomach started churning and I felt dizzy as if I was going round and round like a top. It would take a lot of time to reach the station so I took out my tablet and began reading about different eco-systems.

As we reached the station I saw my train, it looked like a dragon crouching down and blowing coal black steam out of its nose. I clambered into the train and sat down on my bunker bed. It reminded me of a bouncy trampoline. I looked around in our compartment, it was orange in color, the beds were red mottled with turquoise blue .I was looking at my tablet screen which was displaying a site about eco-systems. A booming voice came all over the train “We are now departing, please make sure your belongings are with you.” The voice was then followed by a loud whistle which reminded me of a parrot shrieking. I looked out and saw our train thundering like a dragon from my dreams. As the train picked up speed I almost fell off my bunker bed. I had packed warm jackets and sweaters because where we were going the climate was very cold, I had worn a leather jacket with a soft hood. I laid back in my bed and sighed, a photo fell from a small zip of my travel bag which I kept with me. The photo landed neatly on my chest. I picked it up, it was by my dad, he had drawn a small grinning face and had written smile under it. I laughed and looked over to the next bunk where my dad was sleeping, my parents are the best, I thought.

I looked out to see the sun setting, it reminded me of an ice cream melting. I immediately took a picture of it and kept looking at the scenery. I saw apple meadows and lush green fields, I also saw mountains on the way which reminded me of a camels hump. I thought about how many adventures I would have, I did not notice that my parents had woken up, my father said ”Lost in your dreams aren’t you.” I snapped out of my dream and looked towards my dad. “Are you hungry? The lunch tray will come soon”, he said. I said that I wasn’t hungry, he smiled and ruffled my mess of a hair. The lunch tray did come, I took what I wanted and kept it on the bed, it was in foil boxes which had a hard small muffin, a sandwich with a dish of fried rice and pasta. As I ate the muffin it reminded me of milk chocolate with hazelnuts, the crunching and munching reminded me of twigs snapping. After I had finished I wiped my mouth clean. My mom asked me a riddle, “What has a spine but has no bone, what has no mouth but always a tale”? I immediately replied “A book”. We played this game for some time and I soon got bored. Suddenly I got an idea, I picked up my tablet and made a scary face appear on the screen and hanged down my bunker. As soon as my mother saw the face she started screaming, and I almost fell ofd the bed laughing and thought probably a rib of mine has broken. Soon after I had played my prank, the train reached the destination. I stepped out of the train and heard the wind whooshing through my ears. This is a new city I thought to myself, I am going to have fun. I walked out of the train with new joy coursing through my veins.

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