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On a Garden

Written by Anushka Sachdeva, The Mother's International School

1st October, 2020


Once I was looking at the photos on my living room wall. I saw an old photo. A gleeful emotion filled my heart. It belonged to the time when I visited France. Standing in a garden with lush green trees and bushes, white roses danced across the grass. It was a beautiful garden. Colorful flowers instead of fences were on all sides with lilies, daffodils, poppies, roses etc. The fences were made of wood. Since they were painted with pictures of flowers, I couldn’t make out the difference between the fences and the flowers. When you touched their petals, it felt as if you were touching a ball of cotton. There would have been about 25 kinds of alluring flowers growing in that garden. I loved that trip. Suddenly, another memory struck my mind. It was kind of the same thing which happened with a twist. It concerned my dream from yesterday. It was a good one.

I was sleeping peacefully in my bed. I was sleeping like a dead person would lie on the ground. Suddenly, the clouds announced, "All the people of the town, listen as well as a dog. I have created a magical garden. Whoever wants to get magical powers can go there."

"Go to the only bus stop in your town. There, you will see a red, shiny bus. It is a magical bus standing there. It is as still as a statue and is as shiny as gold. Be hushed while getting on it. Even a small clap will make you miss all the powers. Once everyone is in, make a loud sound to arrive at the garden. Arun, you should make sure of this job.“

On hearing this I was delighted. I hurried out of bed. A small raindrop landed on my nose. Feeling like a cotton ball, I wiped it off and rushed to the bus stop. The whole town came. People got in, and the bus got bigger. A slight emotion of happiness filled my heart when we reached the garden. It certainly was as I expected. With flowers, lush green trees, bushes and even a huge fountain. A sip of the water from the fountain would get us the most powerful powers of the world.. The water was sparkling like diamond. A sweet scent of roses filled our noses. The whole town formed a circle and each one drank a drop of the water. Nothing happened. We drank some more. Nothing happened again. We finally gave up and went back home. The next morning I got up (in the dream). I touched a terrible looking object. It glowed. I looked at it again. Instead of an ugly object, there was an alluring one. The magical power worked.

I was finally out of the dream.

The second day, what happened in my earlier dream happened again. A question arose in my mind. How could the powers which I gained in my dream be real in real life? Nobody could ever answer that. I still have the powers and use them.

© Aawaaz

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