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Potato Is Alive

Written by Devansh Joshi, The Mother's International School

15th October, 2020


Once upon a time, a city called Xzoey had a superhero named Potato. On 6th May, he saved a 2 year old kid. Again on 9th May he saved 19 children's lives in an accident. Suddenly his phone rang. "Potato King, If you want to save your wife, come to Fluffy Lake Center.” Potato went to Fluffy Lake Center. He saw his wife and the thief rabbit named Zuux. Zuux said, “If you want to save your wife, you have to kill the home minister and if you don’t do it I will kill your wife”. Potato said, “How dare you!” As soon as he said this, Zuux shot Potato and he vanished.

Is Potato alive? See in part 2.

Part 2

No, our superhero is dead and Zuux having killed him is now the king of Xzoey. His wife named Huty switched the television off. She saw a hole and fell in it. She saw a forest. She also saw a cave. She entered the cave and saw Potato and she told the whole story about the king and also asked him how he is still alive. So, he and Huty went to Xzoey again. They saw how Zuux’s soldiers were hurting people. They changed their look and saved people from Zuux. Then, they went to Esawd (the king’s house like the White House). He killed Zuux. Then Potato became the king and Huty became the home minister. But then she told Potato that he hadn't answered her question about how we was still alive. He answered that one day he helped an old man and afterwards the old man said he would never die.

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