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The Bravery Award

Written by Avantika Agarwal, The Mother's International School

9th October, 2020


Once, my family got an invitation to go and see army soldiers do their training. We got as excited as playful dolphins and agreed. The drive to the training center was very narrow, deep and risky, but we made it through. There we were taken to our room for some rest. There were flowers which smelled like fresh roses. It didn’t take time for the night to show itself. We had the most delicious meal ever in our life. It was a delicious cake with a banquet!! We finished every bit except for the last pastry meant for dad, who went to the bathroom. But I couldn’t help it, so I ate it. The next morning my alarm clock yelled at me to get out of the coziest and softest bed ever. I was ready in 15 minutes and went for lunch. I was still sleepy and felt like my bed was calling me ‘Avantika, come and sleep on me’. After lunch we went to see the army practice. When suddenly, their base was attacked! We were scared but we were taken to a safety room that had a little window with strong protective glass. We could see every action through it.

BAM BAM BAAM, they fought like furious lions. Then I saw a little girl stuck. She must have come with her family too. She was between the battle. I could not bear it, so I went outside, I got her in our safety room and she was safe. My dad got angry and shouted “Avantika, why did you go out in that fight even after I said no?” “This girl was stuck and could have gotten hurt; don’t you feel proud I did this?”, I replied with confidence. My dad was speechless. After like millions of hours, the fight was finished. The girl’s parents came out and thought their daughter was gone. But when we came out, they were delighted.

The army was surprised too, they thought it was my parents who saved her or more likely an army member, but when we told them it was me their faces were as shocked as someone in a surprise party. Next year I won the BRAVERY AWARD for saving that girl, Tina, from that terrible fight. I was pretty proud and happy too. Today I am an army soldier and just came back from the fight between Pakistan and India. Sure, my parents get scared during these fights, but I trust God to be there for me whenever I need him.

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